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Maria Joao Pires & Evaluation Practice

What has Maria Joao Pires -the reknowed pianist- to with evaluation practice? Well, in first instance for most people likely nothing, but in my reality, or better, ┬áin my brains Maria makes a great connection with evaluation. It is already … Continue reading

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Reading Michael Quinn Patton

Since I am writing an article on development cooperation and its M&E approaches, -and naturally to keep myself updated- I read Michael Quinn Patton’s latest book (2011) ‘Developmental Evaluation. Applying Complexity Concepts to Enhance Innovation and Use’, published by the … Continue reading

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Most significant events of the year

Every year between Christmas and New Year I reflect upon the past year and start planning for the new year to come; what went well, what needs to change and what new ideas need to be developed? Actually I do … Continue reading

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The ‘forgotten’ evaluator

Over the last few years I have not only been a practitioner in planning, monitoring and evaluation, but a researcher as well. I am very grateful that the Wageningen University took me aboard to develop with them a new methodology … Continue reading

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