Publications & examples (selection)

13. Arkesteijn, Marlen and Barbara van Mierlo (2011). Poster presentation on Reflexive Monitoring in Action. Poster presented during the GIZ Conference “Systemic approaches in evaluation, 25-26th january 2011.”  POSTERS MIERLO-ARKESTEIJN DEF

12. Arkesteijn, Marlèn,  Daniël de Jong, Margreet Hogenkamp, Frederieke Hermsen and Michiel van Staaveren (2010). Beleidsnotitie: Inzetbaarheid van de ‘Most significant change’ methode bij de evaluatie van complexe programma’s. [Policy brief: Using the MSC method for complex programmes]. In dutch only. Wageningen University/Variya. The Netherlands. 100811_Beleidsnotitie_Most_Significant_Change

11. van Mierlo, B, B. Regeer, Mariette van Amstel, Marlen Arkesteijn, Volkert Beekman, Joske Bunders, Tjard de Cock Buning, Boelie Elzen, Anne-Charlotte Hoes and Cees Leeuwis (2010). Reflexieve monitoring in actie. Handvatten voor de monitoring van systeeminnovatieprojecten (Reflexive Monitoring in Action. Guide for the monitoring of system innovation projects). Boxpress, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands. Free downloadable from (in Dutch and English).

10. Mierlo, B. van, Arkesteijn, M., and Leeuwis, C. (2010). Enhancing the Reflexivity of System Innovation Projects with System Analyses. American Journal of Evaluation, 31(2): 143-161. AJE366046 (Please ask permission before downloading).

9. Some videowork for NEDWORC on The Art of Change for International Cooperation: Presentation Hans Vermaak. In Dutch only. 4 March 2010.

8. Videowork for NEDWORC on The Art of Change for International Cooperation: Reflections on the Conference. 4 March 2010. In Dutch only.

7. Mierlo, B. van, and M. Arkesteijn (2009). Collective analyses of barriers to and opportunities for sustainable development using the Innovation System Framework. In K.J. Poppe, C.J.A.M. Termeer and M.J. Slingerland (Eds), Transitions towards sustainable agriculture and food chains in peri-urban areas (pp. 139-161). Wageningen, the Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers.

6. Arkesteijn, Marlen and Barbara van Mierlo (2008). ‘Stromingen en methoden van monitoring en evaluatie (Approaches and methods in Monitoring and Evaluation)’. In:Syscope Extra, summer 2008, nr.17, pg 9-11.Wageningen  Stromingenenmethoden2008_172 (in Dutch only).

5. Capturing Development and Adessium Foundation (2008). Preservation of the Spoonbill. A monitoring video of the project ‘Preservation of the Spoonbill’, by Natuurmonumenten. The Netherlands  The Netherlands. See trailer:

4. Capturing Development and Adessium Foundation (2008).  Tribute to the Tree. A monitoring video of the project ‘Tribute to the Tree”, by ElemenTree,  The Netherlands. See trailer:  

3. de Jong, Daniel, Sandra Bos, Marlen Arkesteijn and Jorieke Potters (2008). M&E Waardewerken. Monitoring en evaluatie van het innovatienetwerk Waardewerken met de ‘Most Significant Change’ methode. [M&E ‘Waardewerken’. Monitoring and evaluation of the Innovation Network ‘Waardewerken’ with the Most Significant Change method] Wageningen UR.  071219MEWaardewerken_rapportage

2. Arkesteijn, Marlen, Barbara van Mierlo and Jorieke Potters (2007). Methoden voor monitoring en evaluatie van innovatieprojecten (Methods for monitoring and evaluation of innovation projects. Wageningen UR/PPO. Lelystad, the Netherlands.  wurpublikatie_i00362320_001 (in Dutch only).

1. Non M&E videowork -in Dutch only- for Pameijer Foundation: Marco presents…(2006). Marco, a young man with Down Syndrome shares his dreams and realities. 

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