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Viewing evaluation-videos underneath the mangotree

In the year 2012 I hardly had time to write blogs. One of the reasons was that I was engaged in a video-evaluation of the Community Agro-Enterprise Development Programme (CAEDP) in Uganda, with Trias Uganda and their partners Hodfa and … Continue reading

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On Complexity and other issues

Before reading this blog, please go to “Anecdote. Putting stories to work” for a simple and charming video animation on the Cynefin Framework on complexity. Unfortunately I could not embed the video here! These days ‘Complexity’ is a real buzz … Continue reading

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Using the Most Significant Change method

I have performed by now several ‘MSC method based’ evaluations (abroad and in the Netherlands) and coached several groups of evaluators as well. What actually strikes me when using MSC is that many people perceive the method -in first instance- … Continue reading

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