Who is ‘Capturing Development’?

Capturing Development is the name of my one -person consultancy company.

I am Marlèn Arkesteijn and have an MSc in Rural Sociology, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and have been working in the field of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation since 1993.

I spent 5.5 years studying and working in China (including 2 years for the UN FAO) and speak Mandarin Chinese (UN proficiency level). I also spent 2.5 years in Bhutan where I was a monitoring and evaluation expert for the Integrated Sustainable Development Programme in Zhemgang. I did, among others, a baseline survey, and a social impact study.

In 1998 I moved back to the Netherlands where I worked for 7 years with SNV the Netherlands Development Organisation. There I developed an organisation wide result measuring system, and wrote for several years the Corporate Annual Report and Corporate Plan. I was also one of the initiators, together with the Royal Institutes for the Tropics and ICCO, of the Dijkstal Committee on Result Measuring.

In the meanwhile, I picked up -in the evening hours- on a study on digital video production (camera, editing, directing, production) and started producing short videos for various local TV stations (Flirt TV, Television R).

In 2005 I decided to merge my two passions: monitoring and evaluation, and video production. In 2006 I took the jump and started my own consultancy company.

Since then I have embarked on many inspiring journeys: I started studying again (Visual Anthropology), and discovered that my expertise in Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in International Cooperation could be used in the ‘Dutch’ field as well. More and more projects and organisations in the Netherlands need and want to show their results and lessons learned as well and are starting to use the methods used within International Cooperation (like Most Significant Change, Outcome Mapping etc).

In summer I am a city farmer for 2-3 days/week as well. This to keep myself connected to the basis of our existence: organic low CO2 food. Nothing more rewarding than putting a seed in good soil, water it, let the sun and time do the main work and then HARVEST and have good food. If you want to see what I do, go to my weblog http://stadsboerin2.wordpress.com/ (Stadsboerin in Rotterdam “Cityfarmer in Rotterdam” in Dutch only).

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